Ladies Night January 14th 2012 at the

Dil - Se Rooms South Harrow

Tuesday 21st February

Installation of W.Bro. Raj Mistri



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Neel Parmar was installed into the Chair of King Soloman on March 1st

in London Lodge Humility with Fortitude.

 Seen here with his father W.Bro. Ramesh Parmar


As a result of a £1800 grant from the Middlesex Masonic Charitable Trust,  Kenelm was able to present a cheque for £2000 to the SUDBURY NEIGHBOURHOOD CENTRE.

Seen here are left to right, W.Bro. Ralph Miller, Ms. Izabela Honowska: the Manager,

W.Bro. Ken Sinclair, Bro Ali Musani: Kenelm Charity Steward


Bro Raj Patel was Raised in Herga Lodge on March 17th

 Left to right : W.Bro. Roy wake: DC, Bro. Raj Patel,

W.Bro. Raj Mistri:Kenelm Worshipful Master, Bro. NC Patel,

W.Bro. John Hazell, Worshipful Master of Herga Lodge



MAY 8th 2012 - PROVINCIAL A.G.M.


In the 44 years of Kenelm Lodge, this was the first time we have had four members appointed or promoted at the Annual Meeting of the Province.


Our picture shows, from left to right, W.Bro. John Cook who was promoted to Past Provincial Grand Registrar. John joined the Lodge after our sister Lodge, Anselm gave up their warrant. He has been a great asset as Preceptor and now Director of Ceremonies.


W.Bro. John Detre, one of our longstanding members.was promoted to Past Provincial Deputy Grand Registrar. He was Treasurer of the Lodge from 1985 to 1989


W.Bro. Nirmal Shah was appointed Past Provincial Assistant Grand St. Bearer. Nirmal, one of the first Asian members of the Lodge has possibly proposed, or seconded more members of the Lodge than any other member.


On the right is Secretary W.Bro. Ken Sinclair. Appointed Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon. Before Ken was appointed Secretary of the Lodge, he spent a great deal of time as Charity Steward and was fundamental in the Lodge achieving the Grand Patron of the RMBI Festival in 2009.




April 23rd Brother JC Patel was Initiated in Kenelm Lodge

Bro JC has already become a keen member of the Lodge and has not missed a Lodge of Instruction meeting since his initiation


Kenelm Lodge Golf Day on May 23rd took place at Sudbury Golf Course as usual.

As last year, money raised is to be donated to the Cyberknife Appeal


Bro. Hash Patel was raised at the July meeting

of Jubilee Lodge.

 It is always interesting to visit a lodge that does not perform

Emulation working and Jubilee uses Taylors. However they allowed

Kenelm Officers to assist them in some of the ceremony.






SUNDAY 15th JULY 2012


Our picture shows W. Bro. Hari Patel, who organised the food, at the counter of the Kenelm Curry Stall at the Provincial Fete at the Royal Masonic School for Girls at Rickmansworth.


In spite of the weather, which was not bad on the day, but threatened shocking storms prior to in the meeting, we sold about 100 portions of Curry at £5 each and a large number of Samozas which went for £1 for 2. The Samozas were cooked on site and were very popular.


We could not have managed without the help of W.Bro. Hariís family and friends and thanks must go to them!

There was one disappointing feature, W.Bro. Joe Dawson and his wife were the only members of the Lodge who came and purchased a Curry.


However we were able to present £201 towards the Fete Charity effort