Kenelm Lodge was Consecrated on 31st October, 1968. The 150th Meeting was held on Tuesday, 22nd February 2006. Kenelm is a daughter Lodge of Greenhill Lodge No. 6981.  The crest shows Harrow Hill and the Elm Trees that used to be on its mount.   Legend has it that Kenelm was the son of the King of Mercia, and his daughter was jealous of Kenelm and killed him.   A dove flew out of his throat and flew to the Pope who made Kenelm a saint.

The Consecration was carried out  by W.Bro. Arthur Hollins, OBE, MD, PGD, at the time Deputy Provincial Grand Master, and who was installed  Provincial Grand Master in 1973. He was assisted in the Consecration by W.Bro. S.G.Ellis, PGD, APGM and ten other Brethren who included W.Bro. A.J. Roberts, Provincial Grand Secretary, who returned to the Lodge as Assistant Provincial Grand Master in 1977, to Dedicate the Banner.

At the Consecration there were 22 Founders members present, 17 Grand, Provincial and London Grand Officers, and 85 visitors. That makes 136 dining at the Festive Board - one wonders where they dined!  In that first year of the Lodge visitors included members of Kenelm Lodge No. 5158 and St. Kenelm Lodge No. 6082.

The members of the Lodge were mainly drawn from the Construction industry, Sudbury Golf Club, and Wembley Councillors.

The First Master of the Lodge was W.Bro. Reg. Sheppard, the then Preceptor of the Greenhill Lodge of Instruction and who led the Petitioners for the new Lodge. W.Bro. Sheppard was Master for only the December meeting after which he installed W.Bro. Len Tipper as Master in the February meeting, and then took the position of Secretary, assisted by his son, W.Bro. David Sheppard, who is now a honorary  member of the Lodge.  

 W.Bro. Reg, held the position for 8 years, until 1977, the year before he died.The first Treasurer was W.Bro. Joe Silverstone who held the position until his death in 1974. The early minutes do not state what the first fees were but in 1975 they were raised to £13, and in £1976 they were raised again to £18 with visitors fees £3.50. There was a strange entry of a fee for non-dining visitors of £1.50.

There were 50 members of which seven were non-dining membersIn the early years the members attended The Greenhill Lodge of Instruction and it was in 1976 that the Kenelm Lodge of Instruction was formed and the first Preceptor was W.Bro. Steve Penny.


Members fees were £1 per year with dues at 20p per week. In 1983 the Lodge of Instruction celebrated their first Festival, and the following year the repeat was called the Stewards Festival

 In 1978 W.Bro. Ralph Miller, was installed. He was the first initiate when the Lodge was consecrated in 1968.   W.Bro. Sidney Jaye, one of the Founders of the Lodge, who held the position of Director of Ceremonies, for some 15 years, on and off,  was appointed a Grand Officer in 1980.


During the 1980’s the membership of the Lodge grew to around 60 members with only about seven to ten country members. The 1990’s were a difficult period for the Lodge, with membership falling to 35 of which 12 were country members, and at some meetings there only 20 attending. However, the Lodge was successful in attaining a Vice Patron honoriam in the Middlesex 98 Festival, donating £10,000


 The outstanding event of the 1990’s was the 25th Anniversary of the Lodge, on Sept. 26, 1993. Attended by RW.Bro. Gordon Bourne, the Pro. Provincial Grand Master, and W.Bro. David Bonner, the APGM, one of the features of the meeting was the investing of W.Bro. Sidney Jaye with the promotion to PPJGW by the Pro. Provincial Grand Master. On the same evening the Lodge celebrated W.Bro. Bob Lacey being awarded the OBE, and the late Bro. Arthur Steel being elected Mayor of Brent.

During the 43 years of the Lodge it has had 78 Initiates and welcomed 27 joining members, with one re-joining member.   Since the Millenium the fortune of the Lodge has improved with 21 initiates in seven years.

When W.Bro. Joe Dawson was installed in 2003 there were 57 at the Festive Board and in 2006 when W.Bro. Ramesh Parmar was installed 96 attended the Festive Board.

In 2005 two Lewis’ were initiated, Bro. Bejul Shah, son of 2005 Worshipful Master, and Bro Raj Mistri, son of the 2009 Worshipful Master, Bharat Mistri.  With so many new masons in the pipeline it was decided to get involved in Work Sharing.  In addition to the four regular meetings, an extra meeting was held, and eight Work Sharing ceremonies were held in other Lodges in order that Brethren could make progress -  13 ceremonies in a year, plus a Lodge of Instruction Festival.

In 2006 Worshipful Master Ramesh Parmar initiated his son, Neel, and re-introduced social events such as the Golf Day and a Barbecue. W.Bro. Bob Blackman took the chair in 2007.  That year, the Lodge achieved Grand Patronage of the Middlesex RMBI Festival 2009.  The power behind this achievement was

Charity Steward Bro. Ken Sinclair, who followed into the Chair in 2008. That year also saw the Lodge reach its 40th year and its 160th meeting.

 14th August 2009, sadly saw the passing to the Grand Lodge Above of  W.Bro Bert Max, a stalwart of the Lodge and Director of Ceremonies for 13 years.

 In 2010 when W.Bro Hari Patel was in the Chair of King Solomon, W.Bro. Bob Blackman was elected Member of Parliament for Harrow East. At the September Meeting Lodge history was made and we think for the first time at the Harrow Centre,  Kenelm Lodge initiated four new members.At the same meeting W.Bro. Mike Ford, Treasurer of the Lodge for 18 years was made an honorary member of the Lodge.

W.Bro. Jay Shah was in the Chair in 2011 and used his three meetings to Initiate his son (Bro.) Vishaal and Pass and Raise him.

This year saw the Passing to the Great Lodge Above of three of our long term Brethren, Mike Ford, Mike Mold and Arthur Steel

 2012 W.Bro. Ralph Miller, Kenelm’s first Initiate, who was initiated in December 1968 was made an honorary Member of the Lodge at the February Meeting.

2012 was the year that the first of the Lewis members,Bro Raj Mistri  occupied the Chair of king Solomon

2013 Bro. Neel Parmar, another Lewis took the Chair in 2013. W.Bro. David White, our Provincial Visiting Officer for several years, was made an Honorary Member of the Lodge


In 2014 W.Bro. Narendrakumar Patel became Master of the Lodge.

W.Bro. David Sheppard, an honorary  member of the Lodge, was presented with his 50 year certificate.

2015 when W.Bro. Frank Dobkin was in the chair R.W.Bro. Alastair Mason attended the December meeting and invested W.Bro. Hari Patel as Prov. Asst. Director of Ceremonies. The Lodge was again involved in worksharing as its own ceremonies were four initiates.


Secretaries OF THE LODGE

Treasurers of the Lodge

D.c's of the Lodge

1968          W.Bro. Reg Sheppard 1968-1969        Bro. David Sheppard

1968-1972        W.Bro. Joe Silverstone

1968-1970        W.Bro. Sidney Jaye
1969           W.Bro. Len Tipper 1969-1977       W.Bro. Reg Sheppard

1972-1973         W.Bro. Stanley Timms

1970-1971        W.Bro. Ruskin Dixon

1970           W.Bro. Sidney Jaye 1977-1982       W.Bro. Jack Bament 1973-1974         W.Bro. Joe Silverstone 1971-1981        W.Bro. Sidney Jaye
1971           W.Bro. Steve Penny

1982-1984        W.Bro. Tony Brown

1974-1977         W.Bro. Ruskin Dixon

1981-1982        W.Bro. Steve Penny

1972           W.Bro. Joe Silverston

1984-1989        W.Bro. Paul Greek 1977-1985          W.Bro. John Dodson 1982-1983        W.Bro. Stanley Green
1973           W.Bro. Peter McDonald 1989-1992        W.Bro. Les Howard 1985- 1989         W.Bro. John Detre 1983-1984        W.Bro. Steve Penny

1974           W.Bro. John Dodson

1992-2001        W.Bro. Paul Greek 1989-1991          W.Bro. John Grant

1984-1985        W.Bro. Tony Brown

1975           W.Bro. Ted Cope 2001- 2010       W.Bro. Ralph Miller

1991- 2009         W.Bro. Mike Ford

1985-1986        W.Bro. Sidney Jaye

1976           W.Bro. Stanley Green

2010 -2013        W.Bro. Ken Sinclair

2009-                W.Bro. Ramesh Parmar

1986-1989         W.Bro. Steve Penny

1977           W.Bro. Bob Lacey 2013  -               W.Bro. Hari Patel   1989-1991        W.Bro. Jack Bament
1978           W.Bro. Ralph Miller     1991-1996       W.Bro. Richard Cantor
1979           W.Bro. Bill Firman.     1996-2009        W.Bro. Bert Max
1980           W.Bro. Tony Brown     2010- 2012        W.Bro. Joe Dawson

1981           W.Bro. Mike Ford

    2012 -                W.Bro. John Cook
1982           W.Bro. Jack Bament      

1983           W.Bro. John Detre

1984           W.Bro. Les Howard      
1985           W.Bro. David Apted      

1986           W.Bro. John Grant

1987           W.Bro. Richard Cantor      
1988           W.Bro. Sid Wilkins      
1989           W.Bro. Bert Max      

1990           W.Bro. Paul Greek


1991           W.Bro. Joe Dawson


1992           W.Bro. Gary Davies


1993           W.Bro. Chas. Westhorpe

1994           W.Bro. Chas. Westhorpe      
1995           W.Bro. Roger Green      
1996           W.Bro. John Grant      
1997           W.Bro. Dennis Harding      
1998           W.Bro. David Sheppard      

1999           W.Bro. Jim Smith

2000           W.Bro. Jim Smith      

2001           W.Bro. Paul Greek

2002           W.Bro. Paul Greek      
2003           W.Bro. Joe Dawson      

2004           W.Bro. Joe Dawson

2005           W.Bro.Nirmal Shah      
2006           W.Bro. Ramesh Parmar      
2007           W.Bro. Bob Blackman      

2008           W.Bro. Ken Sinclair

2009           W.Bro. Bharat Mistri      

2010           W.Bro. Hari Patel

2011           W.Bro. Jay Shah      
2012            W.Bro. Raj Mistri      
2013            W.Bro. Neel Parmar      
2014           W.Bro. N.C. Patel      
2015       W.Bro. Frank Dobkin      
2016       W.Bro. Suresh Kansagra      

The late W.B. Mike Ford

who was the longest serving Treasurer of the Lodge. He was Treasurer for 18 years


The late W.B. Bert Max

who was the longest serving Director of Ceremonies of the Lodge, who was D.C. for 13 years


The late W.B. Les Howard

Secretary of the Lodge 1989 - 1992